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Nona Goalkeeper Academy: Elevating Goalkeeping Excellence in Central Florida

Nona Goalkeeper Academy, situated in Lake Nona, Orlando, Florida, proudly stands as the premier goalkeeper academy in Central Florida. The academy is dedicated to providing top-notch training for goalkeepers of all ages, catering to both elite and beginner levels. The focus is on honing the specialized skills essential for goalkeepers to excel in their position.


  1. Developmental & Elite Training: Recognizing the courage required to be a goalkeeper, especially at a young age, the academy places great value on both developmental and elite training. The coaching staff is committed to following strict developmental stages, ensuring a gradual and effective learning process.

  2. Training Sessions: Nona Goalkeeper Training offers three dedicated goalkeeper training sessions per week. These sessions are meticulously designed to address the unique requirements of goalkeepers. The goal is to provide quality training with a keen attention to detail.

  3. Player-to-Coach Ratio: Understanding the importance of individualized attention, training groups are maintained at a low 5:1 player-to-coach ratio. This ensures that each goalkeeper receives focused coaching, allowing for a high-quality learning experience.

  4. Fun Learning Environment: While prioritizing skill development, Nona Goalkeeper Academy places a strong emphasis on creating a fun learning environment. This approach helps young goalkeepers enjoy their training sessions, fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere.


Contact Information: For more information or inquiries, interested individuals can reach out to This email serves as a direct point of contact for those seeking details about Nona Goalkeeper Academy’s programs, schedules, and any additional information.

Fabio Silva (President): “Since the Implementation of the Nona Goalkeeper Academy, not only are we improving the results on the field, but we are creating a desire for our student athletes to become goalkeepers, that is a very hard and under appreciated position that is becoming the cool thing to do here at Nona!”

Coach Carlos Romero: “In soccer, a game can change in a blink of an eye as a result of a single mistake. Nona’s Goalkeeper Academy prepares GKs to be one of the strongest links on the field, giving teams peace of mind and laying the foundation for season of success.”

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