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Nona Soccer Academy takes pride in offering an innovative and top-tier competitive program in Central Florida. The program is designed to provide players with opportunities at the highest levels of play, exposing them to both MLS Next and collegiate recruiters and coaches. The core values instilled in players include leadership, teamwork, and motivation.

Key Aspects of Nona Soccer Academy's Competitive Program:

  1. Development Focus: The academy places significant thought, effort, and time into developing and placing competitive players in teams that match their competitive level. Each age group typically features up to three teams for both boys and girls, akin to Division 1, 2, and 3 in terms of competition and tournaments played.

  2. League Pathway: Nona Soccer Academy follows the US Youth Soccer (USYS) and Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) League Pathway. This pathway progresses from local league games to the pinnacle of competition, the USYS National Championship.

  3. Participation in Leagues: The academy competes in local leagues such as EDP (Eastern Development Program) and GCF (Greater Central Florida). At the state level, participation includes FSPL (Florida State Premier League) and Sunshine Conference, along with involvement in State Cups like State Cup, Presidents Cup, and Commissioners Cup.

  4. National Competitions: Top teams consistently participate in prestigious national competitions like Elite 64, leading to National League Pro. The emphasis is on providing players with opportunities to reach their highest potential.

  5. Player Development: Nona Soccer Academy adopts a personalized approach, recognizing that there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. The focus is on coaching players to become leaders on and off the field, set and achieve goals, and play as a cohesive team.

  6. USL Academy Program and USL2 NONA FC: The academy serves as the primary feeder for the USL Academy program and the USL2 NONA FC. This provides a clear pathway from youth to the professional level.

  7. No Elite Team Creation for Attraction: The academy upholds its commitment to excellence and does not create elite teams solely to attract players. Elite status must be earned through the correct pathway and process.

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