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The NONA WAY – Sarasota Cup 2021

Updated: Apr 2


Nearly one thousand of us from the Nona Sports Club traveled from Lake Nona down to Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota over the weekend experiencing, together, The Nona Way. This included our Student-Athletes, Coaches, Executive Staff and our Families. The fact we were able to take this amount of people to travel outside of Orlando, that alone, shows the power of the pride behind our brand.

All Directors and Coaches of Nona Soccer Academy are glad with the performance and results ending with three teams winning the Championship and four teams as Finalists.

Most importantly we are very proud of how we achieved excellence by applying “The Nona Way” throughout the weekend. Our takeaways from the weekend will be studied as we reconnect with our teams and examine videos.

An expanded methodology is in place to assist and allow our coaches to deliver training sessions that will develop our Student-Athletes to become the best versions of themselves. On the field, before any tactics or style of play, we believe that everything we do must be done with high intensity.  For us at Nona, our Student-Athletes must execute everything with maximal effort and maximal concentration. That mentality goes outside of the four white lines as we develop accountable, respectful and disciplined human beings.

The Nona Way goes beyond the field and is becoming a lifestyle as our members get used to do everything at a high standard to represent our brand and make sure everyone around knows how proud we are of our community. A great example this weekend was when our coaches, Student-Athletes and Parents supported each other by watching other Nona games rather than just focusing on their own team.

Of course, there is a lot that we need to consider when implementing a new and improved methodology but we cannot ever forget that Soccer is only half our story. Everything we do is to make our community proud!

I would love to explain more details about “The Nona Way” but for now, I can assure you that all our 1000+ Members that I mentioned in the beginning, all represented Lake Nona beautifully in Sarasota. What a Team! What a Family!

Your time to join and become a member is next week. Registration is required for Tryouts (May 3 – 6).

GABE Zapponi Nona Sports Club, Sports Performance Director


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