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Updated: Apr 2


Here we are, already in the second quarter of a year that is expected to be better, expected to be different, or at least a year that is going to take us back to normal. Twenty-five percent of this year I’m referring to is already gone! I can finally see a trend of our society coming around and it’s a good feeling for all of us.

Here at Nona Soccer we can say, although the past year was difficult, we were able to stay relevant to our community and to our commitment to provide the highest level of Soccer and Basketball Development to our student-athletes.

In 2021 we will continue to innovate and CREATE a product never before seen in Central Florida when it comes to our Commitment to be different, create and innovate in all levels of our operation, and to always be improving our member experience.

Our Motto for the year is NONA Creation 2021. We will aim to CREATE the best possible environment for the total development of the NONA Athlete.

We are taking our current, already successful, methodology and adding some specific pointers to make it better, and to make it unique. Total Player Development means, everything on and off the sporting fields, courts and screens. The Nona Methodology, the NONA WAY, has been dissected by myself together with my Methodology committee to make it fit all levels across the Academy, with tangible goals, coaches execution timelines, and high-level standards. We are very proud of this evolved Creation.

You might have heard us refer to our Players as Student-Athletes. You will hear this a lot! All of our players, no matter the age, are in school. We will continue to impress upon them that school is priority and earning good grades is of utmost importance. Soccer or Basketball complements their school responsibilities. We know our kids in middle school, high-school and our soon to be college players are familiar with this identity. Let’s implement it from the beginning!

The implementation of Technology like Video Analysis with VEO, HUDL and UNO by PlayerMaker are only a few of the innovative products we are adding. You will see more video studying from our Coaches as we now make this available.

Coach Gabe, our Performance Director for NONA Sports Club, has been with us less than 90 days and we can already see a great impact he is making. This new department is taking our student-athletes through high-level specific training through the now established new program, NONA FAST in Soccer, and NONA Elite Performance Training in Basketball.

We have recently completed the license training through US Soccer for 17 of our Competitive Coaches. Not only are we are one of the few Academies in the country to make this available to our Coaches, we made it a mandatory requirement for all Coaches at Nona Competitive.

We announced the addition of NONA FC which you will see much more coming throughout the year as we prepare for the inaugural season in 2022! This next-level of soccer is a huge part of our Nona Creation 2021 and I can’t wait to bring this to our community.

TRYOUTS are set to be one of the most anticipated Competitive Tryouts in Central Florida the week of May 3rd. The past 4 years have been an unbelievable journey for Nona Soccer and our Nona Sports Club, but I know the best is yet to come.

The above is only a small part of the exciting things going on!

Members, Community Partners, Coaches and Parents thank you for being part of this Nona Creation 2021. It’s something special we have going on here.



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