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April 8, 2022

Lake Nona – The LONGHORNS Town

It was well before our visionary community and futuristic development of Lake Nona started taking off, that you regularly came across these gentle, yet strong giants, the LONGHORNS. They could be found in the miles of vast open land, weaving through our town. Gradually over the course of time as the Tavistock Creation has been coming to life, these graceful beings still have maneuvered and found their place. However, now their habitats are intertwined among family-friendly restaurants, masterplanned neighborhoods, Medical City marvels, roadways and sidewalks. One of the areas you can still find the Longhorns grazing, is around the beautiful Nemours Children’s Hospital.

There were even times these farm spaces, big or small, would be called “the caw pastures” if you talked to a NONA Native! As mentioned, neighboring these Lake Nona Longhorns are living results of community vision, tireless hours of hard work, and dedication from Lake Nona residents and leaders together creating one of the most incredible meccas in the United States. The Longhorns continue to move forward, they continue to fend for their independence. They are in the middle of a sprawling community leading the way in all things health and wellness. And no matter the density of movement into Lake Nona, they will always have roamed our special place we call home, well before most of us! They are a reminder of what was, and they will always serve as a nostalgic part of the evolution of Lake Nona.

May these iconic beings continue to roam free among our thriving community. One day, decades later, if they are no longer living beside us, let’s remember the Longhorns that roamed where we now live, work and play. As we enjoy the modern local amenities, the soccer matches and basketball games, and enjoy biking on the miles of paths carved out through the “caw pastures”, we will carry on the history within NONA Sports Club as the Longhorns, while still recognizing their dwelling presence, alongside us.

NONA Sports Club, honoring this part of intimate history, will adopt the LONGHORNS as our official MASCOT. This is the true symbol of southeastern Central Florida, particularly Lake Nona. We will forever honor the original “residents” here, The Longhorns, and explain to our children in the future that your HOMETOWN Club began back when the Longhorns roamed, and where they continue to be embraced even amidst the “building of a grand vision”.



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