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Updated: Mar 27

Nona Soccer Expands to Kissimmee

April 24th, 2020

At the present time the local soccer fields are empty. The hype of activity and energy of Nona Soccer being together for practices and games does not currently exist. But, there is a new found excitement for the near future as we welcome our well respected, neighboring Club to join ours.

Founded by Fabio Silva in November 2016, Nona Soccer Academy began with 7 players, all of various ages. We have been operating for only 3.5 years, which is extremely young, compared to the Greater Central Florida Youth Soccer market.

Fabio alluded, “My vision has always been to introduce soccer to kids EARLY, create the passion for the game at their young age and allow for soccer development to naturally progress. With the leadership of our coaches through the Nona programs, the development is happening, and the unity the kids have with one another is priceless. We have created a pathway for kids beginning as early as age 3!”

Nona Soccer has close to 700 players, ranging from Mini Nonas at age of 3, the Nemours Recreational Champions League producing one of the largest Recreational Leagues in Central Florida, 14 Competitive Teams of U8 to U13 (where many have brought home major Championship wins), a new Adult League through the Nona Soccer Cares Foundation, after-school players and more.

“But now there is a demand for more…Older Age Groups, Girls Programs, Higher Level Leagues such as ECNL and others, College Coaches Acknowledgment, etc. Although, we’ve been working towards this for many months, I’ve had multiple requests in these arenas since the infancy stages of Nona Soccer,“ Fabio explains.

ITS OFFICIAL – AS OF MAY 1ST, the long established Greater Osceola United (GOU) will be joining forces with Nona Soccer.

GOU will become Nona Soccer Academy.

This movement gives Nona Soccer full independence within FYSA. By inheriting older age groups that Fabio can cultivate and develop, it opens the door for us to apply for the top leagues in the country including Semi Pro division like USL1 and USL2 and SO MUCH MORE. The possibilities are endless.

With this new youth soccer movement in Central Florida, Nona Soccer can offer opportunities for players of middle and high school age. This major change gives Fabio the green light to help many more players with their soccer career paths, college opportunities and more.

The entire Nona Staff and team of coaches are ready to welcome the players, families and coaches of GOU into their soccer family! To Nona Soccer, it’s about the individual players, and providing the best soccer development environment for them. Now the great things Nona Soccer is implementing on and off the fields in Lake Nona can be duplicated, where there is already a deep passion for the game, and need for more.

There is heightened anticipation to get back on the field even more now with this expansion of Nona Soccer moving into Osceola County. Fabio concludes, “We are two communities, now uniting as one, and we will be stronger together. And to think it all began with a dream, and a ball. WE ARE NONA.”

“I am really excited for the opportunity to coach a team at the highest level possible. With this merge Nona will be able to play tougher league and in my opinion some black teams are ready to move to the next level. I cant wait to be able to implement some soccer drills with the older group and also learn from coaches that been in the market for a lot of years.”

Coach Frodo

“P.S: U18 count me in for the scrimmage

“GOU becoming Nona Soccer Academy is a really big deal for me. GOU was the first club I played competitive soccer at and I have countless memories of when I played there. It’s is great to know that we are bringing more kids to such an amazing program like Nona Soccer Academy.”

Coach Alejandro

“I played for GOU growing up so to me it’s nice to see it come full circle! It’s very special to return to fields that I practiced at to now run a practice, and to do it all with Nona Soccer makes it even more special. Also I remember Matt and some of the stuff from GOU from my playing days…It’s a warm feeling to have them added to our Nona family.”

Coach Dani

“GOU merging with Nona means a great deal to me. It gives me the opportunity to coach more kids. And maybe some, that like me, were unable to afford playing at the big clubs that have an access to a goalkeeper coach. It’s exciting to be able to go back and now help grow the club you used to once play for.”

Coach Johan

“If you told me Nona Soccer could expand anywhere in Orlando, south to Kissimmee and GOU would be my first choice. To know we are going to give our community neighbors the same amazing soccer opportunities our current players get is priceless. I can’t wait to see older players develop Nona Pride just like our younger ones. The future is bright for these players.”

Teri, Marketing

“Change can sometimes be intimidating, but when there is common purpose and passion this change can become inspiring. As someone who has deep roots in Osceola County, seeing Nona Soccer Academy and GOU unite is a testament to what is happening in this community and its people. A bigger family only means a stronger family!!”

Coach Carlos

“In this union is the strength and we will be stronger. Who are we? GOU NONA”

Coach Juan

“I am excited to welcome new players, coaches and the GOU community into our Nona Family. The time to grow the game in our community has arrived and I can’t wait to see our boys and girls succeed under one umbrella. Let’s make Nona Soccer Academy the best place to play the game in the South Eastern Region of Orlando.”

Coach Peter

“I played at GOU all through my club soccer years from age 9 to 18 and they meant so much to me and my family. I am glad that now I can still be a part of GOU but bring it together with this new chapter at Nona Soccer Academy. It will be nice to see some familiar faces. Welcome to NONA.”

Coach Lucas

“The opportunity to grow our NONA family and share what we have here is exciting. I believe once the new families come in, they will feel welcome and undertone why we believe in our Academy and product. Soccer is only half our story. This is bigger than just finding a soccer team- it’s about finding a home for the entire family. I look forward to meeting new players, families and coaches and being able to continue this journey with Nona.”

Coach Nestor

“I am so excited to welcome GOU to our Nona Family! I think as a coach what I’m most excited for is bringing the “soccer is only half our story” mindset to even more kids in the community and their families. I truly believe in what we stand for as a club, and of course naturally I’m excited to combine all of the talent these kids have and watch magic happen!”

Coach Rubi

“It was just a hobby with kids, then a part time job, a few years later full time job. Today we are not only a soccer club, but a club respected by many and desired by others. We are no longer just a small little club, WE ARE NONA!”

Cris Silva, Academy Manager & Owner

“The south side of Orlando deserves a respectable youth soccer program, and with this move Nona soccer is on the right track for it.”

Fabio Silva, President & Owner


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