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JUNE 26, 2020

Today Is a another milestone day for Nona Soccer Academy!

Since November of 2016, My wife Cris and I have built upon our vision to deliver a soccer product for kids that is exceptional.

A place where soccer brings everyone together and where “soccer is only half our story” is the foundation of our culture. This great product continues to deliver while keeping our focus within the Nona Soccer Pillars of Success; Community, Soccer, Development, Coaches.

The most important one is Community. In the beginning this special pillar was looked as the weakness of the “competitive” part of the business and the least important. This is far from the truth for us and considered just as important, if not the most important. Community is what has kept us strong and Community is who we are. We knew the community of Lake Nona was in need of something worth playing for, and what would bring us together. One Game. One Community. One Vision.

Since then, together with our Executive Team & Coaches, we have done everything we can to make a difference for our members, for our community and for the pride of youth sports in Lake Nona through soccer.

Today Cris and I are pleased to announce the creation of NONA SPORTS CLUB. Similar to Nona Soccer Academy, Nona Sports Club is family owned and operated and will be built on the same values and foundation as Nona Soccer Academy. The expertise in the multi-facets of our soccer industry will translate into other youth sports, giving more kids the opportunity to not only develop in a sport they love, but a strong sports brand they are proud to belong to, allowing more kids to call NONA their home.

The NONA Soccer Orange is worn with unanimous pride. Our Lake Nona community that joins Nona Sports Club will be part of our successful youth sports model for other youth sports organizations around the world to emulate. Bringing the ORANGE to podiums around the country through multiple sports, exposing our community pride, and raising homegrown athletes. The amount of children will multiply that are positively influenced within a sports culture they learn quickly they don’t want to live without. A culture that not only focuses on the teams, but the individuals and most importantly bonds the entire Community.

Our community, nation and world are going through the hardest and most challenging times, but Nona Soccer Academy and Nona Soccer Cares have been there for our athletes and community and will continue to do so.

And now what everyone is waiting for! Under the umbrella of Nona Sports Club, and the platform of Nona Soccer Academy, we will start our expansion into Basketball!

Please welcome into the family the new Nona Basketball Academy

Coach Fabio Silva founder and CEO of Nona Soccer Academy and Nona Sports Club, will join forces with 3 basketball powerhouses in Youth Competitive Basketball In Central Florida.

  1. Coach Oskar Kristjansson

  2. Coach Victor Rodriguez

  3. Coach Ryan Knuppel

To kick off this new addition to Nona Sports Club we will host community free plays on Saturdays in July at Lake Nona Middle School and meet & greets.

Also, a Nona Basketball Summer Camp will commence at Innovation Middle School on July 20-24 and 27-31.

Please stay tuned as we introduce these basketball experts above in more detail and continue to bring to you the Nona Basketball opportunities.

Please join me to welcome Nona Basketball Academy into our community and continue our task to make ORANGE The Color of Lake Nona.

Teri D’Amelio

Director of Marketing & Development



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