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Updated: Mar 27

Hello All,

I cannot believe we are here already in the last day of the Year! Honestly I cant believe that 2019 is wrapping up in a couple of hours, I have to say that I am not the type of person that makes a big deal about the “Calendar” year, after all it is just one day after the other! However 2019 was special! The Nona Soccer Academy “Family” has grown tremendously and it is now a reference in youth sports in Lake Nona, as well as an example for the Youth Soccer world in Central Florida! 

I am Very Happy with the development of our children in the Game of soccer but Most importantly their behavior on and off the field. Also very proud of the PARENTS, who are following the academy rules of bahavior on the side lines and trusting the process of true development! 

Just a quick Review of what we accomplished in 2019:

  • Started the Nemours Recreational Champions League

  • Started after School Program in Laureate Park, Sun Blaze and Moss Park 

  • Reached over 100 Girls, in our Nona Girls Program 

  • The Nona BOX 

  • 2nd Year of Summer Camp 

  • Closed a Great Relationship with Adidas 

  • Generated over $2500 to MetaVivor (Breast Cancer Month – Doubled from last year) 

  • Great Partnership with Nona Media

  • Heroes Community Park was a great addition to our project and operation! 

  • Creation and Development of the Little Nonas Program 

  • Brought Home over 15 trophies of different tournaments throughout the year 

  • Broke the Record of the biggest Team at the NONA RUN, over 250 runners 

  • Developed a Goal Keeper Program 

  • Donated over $15,000 to the Schools and other Non-Profit Oraganizations in Lake Nona 

  • Coaches attended the Atletico Madrid Syposium 

  • Reached over $50,000 in scholarships to kids in Our Community 

  • Our Coaches provided over 1000 hours of community service 

I am sure I missed a couple of things, but I  have a feeling that I was able to cover most of the accomplishments for 2019! And when I Say Fasten Your Seat belts for 2020 , get ready! here are a couple things that I can Share with you, and some are still a “Secret”

  • Florida Cup (exposure to a whole different level of soccer being played right in our back yard) 

  • Start an After school Program at Eagle Creek Elementary 

  • Creation of the NONA Soccer CARES Foundation (Stay Tuned) 

  • Creation of the Mini Nonas Program

  • Out of State Tournaments (July) 

  • 1st annual Nona Soccer Tournament (November) 

  • Nicholas Todero is the Men’s USTA Player Development Coach, and will be working with us for the Next 6 months to help in the developemt of our coaches in terms of HIGH Performance Coaching Habits. 

  • We are very Close to Hire a Director of Coaches for Nona Soccer. We are working on some final paperwork to make it official. Our Candidate is coming from 5 years in the MLS, PHD in Sports psychology and lots of experience in the Coaches Development, and youth soccer.

  • We will have a minimum of 3 all girls team playing the League in the Fall of 2020.

  • HUGE and Game Changing Surprise coming in the first quarter of 2020.

  • Competitive Teams will practice 3 days per week, to get more touches on the ball and focus on more specific areas of the game.

I will stop now, before I share too much! LOL 

My Family and I thank you for the bottom of our hearts for your support and dedication towards Nona Soccer and I hope to conitnue to exceed your expectations in the coming years! 


Fabio Silva 

Academy President 

Nona Soccer Academy 


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