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Nona Soccer Academy: A Premier Family-Owned Soccer Institution in Central Florida (Lake Nona – Kissimmee)

Founder: Fabio Silva

Mission: To promote and teach youth soccer at all age levels in Lake Nona, fostering true soccer development with a focus on social and athletic growth.

Founder’s Background:

  • Experience: With many years of playing and coaching soccer in Orlando and Central Florida.

  • Observation: Recognized a local demand for authentic soccer development.

  • Inspiration: To create a structured program that imparts comprehensive knowledge of the game.


Founder’s Soccer Journey:

  • Origin: Originally from Brazil.

  • Junior Levels: Participated in junior levels for renowned Brazilian teams such as Corinthians, Santos, and Atlético Paranaense.

  • Local Connection: Residing in Orlando for 25 years, currently a Lake Nona resident.


  • Graduated from Cypress Creek High School

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management – University of Central Florida

  • Master’s Degree in Sports Management – University of La Rioja Madrid Spain

  • College Athletics: Played soccer for UCF from 2001 to 2005.

Academy’s Vision:

  • Main Focus: Develop a passion for soccer in a fun, professional, and organized manner.

  • Comprehensive Training: Provide superior-quality training for kids of all ages.

  • Long-Term Goal: Better prepare aspiring players for potential college-level competition.

Club Formation:

  • Location: Establishing a top-notch Youth Soccer Club in Lake Nona and Kissimmee area.

  • Home Fields: Currently playing at Heroes Community Park, Austin Tindall Sports Complex, and other community fields.

“At NONA, we believe in the transformative power of soccer. We understand that when parents enroll their kids in our soccer program, they are seeking more than just a sport; they are investing in their child’s growth, character development, and a foundation for a healthy, active lifestyle. The ‘Why’ behind our commitment is rooted in the belief that soccer has the potential to shape not only skilled athletes but also resilient, disciplined, and confident individuals. Coaches dedicate their time because they are passionate about contributing to the positive development of young minds through the beautiful game.” — Fabio Silva

Nona Soccer Academy stands as a testament to a dedicated founder’s commitment to nurturing soccer talent and instilling a love for the game within the community. The focus on comprehensive development reflects the academy’s dedication to preparing young players for success in soccer and beyond.

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