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We are thrilled to welcome Nona's Urban Pizza, a beloved local pizzeria known for its mouthwatering flavors and wholesome ingredients, as one of the proud sponsors of Nona Sports Club! 

Nona's Urban Pizza brings a delicious twist to traditional pizza, offering a diverse menu of gourmet pies crafted with care and creativity. From classic favorites to unique specialty options, each bite of Nona's Urban Pizza is a culinary delight that delights the senses.

As a sponsor of Nona Sports Club, Urban's Pizza shares our commitment to promoting health, wellness, and community engagement. Their support allows us to enhance the overall experience for club members, providing delicious and nutritious food options that complement an active lifestyle.

Through our partnership with Urban's Pizza, we aim to not only satisfy appetites but also foster a sense of community and connection. Whether it's fueling up after a game or enjoying a meal with friends and family, Urban's Pizza creates moments of joy and togetherness that enrich the Nona Sports Club experience.

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