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We are thrilled to introduce Go Pegasus, a premier transportation service provider, as one of the esteemed sponsors of Nona Sports Club! 

Go Pegasus specializes in providing top-notch transportation solutions for various needs, from corporate events to group travel and everything in between. Their commitment to excellence and reliability makes them the perfect partner for our USL 2 team's main transportation needs.

As a sponsor of Nona Sports Club, Go Pegasus plays a crucial role in supporting our USL 2 team by ensuring safe and efficient transportation to and from games, practices, and events. Their expertise and dedication to service excellence enable our team to focus on what they do best – playing their hearts out on the field.

Through our partnership with Go Pegasus, we aim to not only elevate the experience for our USL 2 team but also showcase the importance of reliable transportation in sports. Together, we can demonstrate the value of teamwork, reliability, and community support in achieving success both on and off the field.

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