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Established in 2020, Nona Football Club has rapidly emerged as a powerhouse in the USL2 semi-pro division, proudly representing Lake Nona, Florida. The club’s commitment to excellence and a strategic two-year program have garnered attention nationally, elevating its status within the competitive landscape.


  1. South East Conference Champions (2021): Nona Football Club’s triumph as the South East Conference Champions in 2021 is a testament to the team’s skill, dedication, and competitive prowess.

  2. Open Cup : The club’s participation in Open Cup  adds another layer of prestige, showcasing its ambition to compete at the highest levels within the soccer community.

  3. Two-Year Program: Nona Football Club’s visionary two-year program is strategically designed to prepare players for the challenges of professional play, bridging the pathway gap for Nona Soccer Academy participants aspiring to reach the next level.

  4. National Recognition: The club’s success and commitment to player development have attracted national attention, positioning Nona Football Club as a noteworthy player in the USL2 landscape.

  5. College Pathway: Nona Football Club is instrumental in opening pathways for its players to transition seamlessly into top-notch college programs. The club’s connections and reputation serve as a valuable resource for players aspiring to further their soccer careers in collegiate settings.



Nona Football Club’s journey exemplifies a commitment to building a lasting legacy in the soccer realm. Through strategic planning, player development, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, the club is not only making waves locally but is also setting the stage for a prominent presence in the broader soccer community.



As Nona Football Club continues to make strides in USL2 and beyond, it is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of soccer in Lake Nona and contributing to the development of top-tier talent at the national level.



For soccer enthusiasts, supporters, and aspiring players, Nona Football Club presents an exciting journey filled with competitive spirit, skillful play, and a commitment to elevating the sport.


Experience the Thrill with Nona Football Club – Where Excellence Meets the Beautiful Game!


December 15th, 2023 | 12:01PM EST

Nona Football Club has announced this Friday the signing of Dave Jacobs to be the new Head Coach of the Longhorns!

The announcement comes with huge anticipation on social media and amongst the Nona faithful, as the club teased on Wednesday the arrival of their “new boss”. Jacobs has been introduced as the 2024 USL 2 Head Coach for the 3rd year Longhorns in hopes that the team can continue to build on the success of former manager, Guilherme Henry, who departed the club in mutual terms earlier in the winter.

Dave Jacobs comes with a huge baggage of experience in professional soccer and has successful stints in USL 2, most recently with known Longhorn opposition Texas United, NPSL, and USL’s predecessor the USL-PDL league. Jacobs is also a known name in the world of college sports as a recruiter and head coach, currently in charge of Trine University’s Men’s program, where he has found continuous post-season success, with an overall 62% winning rate and taking the Thunder to their very first NCAA tournament appearance!

“Dave is a fierce competitor and proven winner at every program he has been a part of. We are extremely happy to have him on board with Nona for the 2024 USL 2 season and we look forward to seeing where he can take this program. We hope this can be a big turning point for the program both on and off the field with Dave at the helm” said Nona FC President and Nona Sports CEO Fabio Silva.

When asked about what he expects from Nona FC and the organization, Jacobs had the following to say:

“I feel very blessed to be joining such a great organization, with such a faithful and electric fanbase like Nona FC. I hope that I can help continue the success and growth of the Longhorns name not only in Orlando but the entire country too. I’m so happy to be here, and so happy to bleed orange with this community.”

Dave will present himself for preseason in the Spring of the new year, but until then stay tuned in all the Nona FC social media for more updates on new signings, Dave Jacobs, and other exciting things we have to come!

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