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To make a positive impact in our Community.


To cultivate the excitement for Sports (in all forms) throughout our Communities.


WE.ARE.FAMILY – At Nona Sports we pride ourselves on the soccer environment we have created right here in our neighborhood! We promote the importance of family and we also have a mutual respect for a healthy balance between youth athletics and academics.


The NONA Experience – 4 Pillars of Success:

  • Community: The first pillar recognizes the role of sports in building a better community and representing a unified entity through sports.

  • People: This pillar focuses on bringing individuals together, promoting social skills, and providing a platform for personal growth, both on and off the field.

  • Development: The emphasis on teamwork, dedication, and a solid foundation speaks to the organization’s commitment to the holistic development of individuals.

  • Soccer/Basketball: The chosen sports serve as the catalyst, bringing together the community, individuals, and the development aspects. The organization is committed to providing top-notch training, facilities, exposure, and competition in these sports.


Our Sponsors

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