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Introducing Mini Nona: Your Child's First Touch into Soccer Excellence!

Is your child ready for their first exciting encounter with soccer? Look no further than Mini NONA, designed to be your child’s introduction to the world of soccer and the exceptional offerings of Nona Soccer Academy. This preschool program is tailored to provide structured and introductory soccer classes for the youngest players, ensuring a positive and engaging experience.

What Mini Nona Offers:

  1. Learn the Soccer Basics: Mini NONA focuses on instilling fundamental soccer knowledge in a way that is accessible and enjoyable for young children.

  2. Fundamentals: The program emphasizes building a strong foundation in soccer fundamentals, laying the groundwork for future skill development.

  3. Increase Coordination & Motor Skills: Through specially crafted activities, Mini NONA aims to enhance coordination and motor skills in young players.

  4. Build Confidence: Confidence is a key aspect of a child’s development, and Mini NONA strives to boost confidence levels through soccer-related activities.

  5. Gain Age-Appropriate Independence: Encouraging age-appropriate independence is part of the program’s mission, fostering a sense of autonomy in young players.

  6. Prepare to Excel in a Team Setting: While focusing on individual growth, Mini NONA introduces the concept of teamwork, preparing children for future participation in a team setting.

  7. Play Environment: The program prioritizes creating a playful and enjoyable environment where children can explore the joys of soccer.

  8. Release Energy: Mini NONA recognizes and accommodates the boundless energy of young players, offering a constructive outlet for physical activity.

  9. Fun!: Above all, Mini NONA is designed to be fun, ensuring that children have a positive and enjoyable first experience with soccer.


Mission of Mini NONA: The overarching mission of Mini NONA is to positively influence children, fostering a lasting desire to play soccer with friends and instilling a sense of pride and connection to the Nona culture from an early age.

Transition to Little NONAs: Mini NONA serves as the perfect precursor to the next stage, where children can seamlessly transition to the Little NONAs in the Nemours Recreational Champions League, continuing their soccer journey.

For more information or to enroll your child in Mini NONA, please contact Nona Soccer Academy directly.


All kids are required to wear their Orange Nona Practice Shirt, black athletic shorts, black socks, shin guards, cleats (or athletic shoes)


There is a 30 day cancellation policy from the 15th of each month. The program runs from September 6th.



Lake Nona


Wednesdays from 6:15 PM - 7 PM

Cost: $29 Annual Registration

Cost: $99/Month

Includes 1 Orange Nona Practice Shirt

St. Cloud

Location: St. Thomas Aquinas

700 Brown Chapel Rd.

Saint Cloud, FL, 34769

Cost: $29 Annual Registration

Cost: $99/Month

Includes 1 Orange Nona Practice Shirt

Avalon Park

Location: Timber Springs Middle School

16001 Timber Park LN,

Orlando, FL, 32828

Cost: $29 Annual Registration

Cost: $99/Month

Includes 1 Orange Nona Practice Shirt

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